OC BEADS offers daily classes, with custom scheduling to fit your time frame. Due to everyone's busy lifestyle, we find we can better accommodate everyone by offering one on one; but have available space for 7. 

We are so proud of our new surroundings & the delight people are feeling here.

Please either stop by, or call, to schedule a 'one on one', or book for 2 or more. Make it a party!

Some of, but not all, the classes we offer...

BASIC:  $55...all materials included

By making earrings, bracelet, & a necklace, you learn some very basic, but wide ranging techniques for beading. These include wire wrapping; bead knotting; & the use of crimp beads & jewelers' wire. 

WIRE & CHAIN: $50...all materials included

Here we teach you the skill of wire wrapping beads onto chain for either necklaces, bracelets or rosaries. 

ADVANCED WIRE WRAP: $50...materials not included.

A totally different style of wrapping which involves 'caging' a stone within halfround wire; creating an exotic pendant from any flat item you so desire. Maximum 2 people.

WEAVE: $50...materials not included

Create a beautiful bracelet using the 'right angle weave' with swarovski pearls & crystals.Maximum 3 people

BEAD CROCHETING: $50... materials not included

In this class you will 'crochet' beads onto fine wire, developing a bracelet of complete originality. Make it your own statement piece. Maximum 3 people

CHAN LUIS:$55...materials not included

One of our most popluar classes! Here you will MAKE your own CHAN LUIS...saving $$$ from purchasing retail. Plus you'll have the choice of stones, colors, etc. to make it original. Perfect for gits too. Maximum 4 people

CHAINMAILLE: $50...materials not included

Chainmaille is a continuous chain of 'links' that are intertwined to create a fascinating bracelet or necklace. Maximum 3 people

​JAPANESE BEAD KNOTTING: $50...materials not included

This is the 'ultimate in knotting'..the truly professional technique for your family gemstones & pearls.

VINTAGE BRAIDING: $55..materials not included

Hard to find vintage jewelry? By replicating the old, you will create something new. Maximum 3 people

If you don't see what you need from the above, just call us & we will most probably be able to accommodate whatever you are looking to do.

We also offer an extensive palette of classes for the finite art of 'seed beads'.